Benefits of Eeva

Introduction to Eeva

Early Embryo Viability Assessment Test for IVF

Eeva was designed to non-invasively and safely identify the embryos most likely to develop to a blastocyst at an early stage. Eeva is an innovative imaging diagnostic system used by IVF laboratories to analyse early embryo development. At the heart of Eeva is intelligent software that reliably and consistently assesses critical and subtle differences in early embryo cell divisions to determine an embryo’s viability and the potential for further development. Eeva assists embryologists in selecting the best embryos for IVF transfer to optimise the chances for a successful pregnancy.

Eeva consists of a special microscope that fits inside a standard incubator and takes video images of your embryos, which are analysed by proprietary, intelligent software. Your embryos are cultured within a specially-designed Eeva dish while Eeva watches over your embryos through Day 3 or Day 5, depending upon the advice of your IVF team.

The Eeva Dish

The Eeva Dish – a specially-designed culture dish where your embryos grow.