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Current Standard of Care in IVF

The Center for Disease Control reports that, in the United States, one out of eight couples is impacted by infertility1. Once an infertility diagnosis is received, in vitro fertilization (IVF) is a journey many couples choose to navigate. Unless you’ve been there, it’s hard to fully understand the emotional toll it takes.

Embryologists in IVF clinics have the difficult task of selecting embryos that have the best chance of implanting and developing into pregnancy. The current standard of care relies on traditional morphology, which is the subjective analysis of the visual appearance of the embryos, such as the number and symmetry of cells, and degree of cell fragmentation. Embryologists often have a difficult choice to make on which one or two embryos to transfer when there appear to be several “good/fair” embryos from which to choose.

Auxogyn understands the anguish of an infertility diagnosis and strives to help women and couples have a successful IVF journey, a cost effective treatment plan and reduce the heartache of uncertainty. The Eeva Test was created in order to aid the embryologist in embryo selection.

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1. National Survey of Family Growth